Introducing a Brand New Book:

'The Clinical Psychologist Collective: Advice & Guidance for Aspiring Clinical Psychologists' 

Dr Marianne Trent, Clinical Psychologist is the lead author for this unique project which has been described as:

'a must read for aspiring psychologists!' 

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Perhaps you’re an aspiring psychologist or you know someone who is?

One thing’s for sure - Clinical Psychology can be a tricky training path to access! That’s where The Clinical Psychologist Collective: Advice and Guidance for Aspiring Clinical Psychologists, comes to the rescue!

It will help you navigate the way to your destination by offering you the cumulative experience of 600 YEARS’ worth of advice - written by over 30 Qualified and Trainee Clinical Psychologists.

Within its pages you will find career changes, mental health wobbles and ways people have battled against issues of equality and diversity to get to where they wanted to be. There are also top tips and guidance from them to you!

Each narrative - or case study - is told in the unique style of the person who wrote it. To keep you informed of your alternative options there are also a number of contributions made by Counselling, Educational, Forensic & Health Psychologists too.

It also features a brand new update from Health Education England only made on 1/9/2021 and 3/09/2021, regarding funding and a number of reaction stories to this big change which affects many potential applicants for Clinical Training.

It is written for adults of all ages, at any stage of their career. It speaks your language and walks you over, around and sometimes through the hurdles involved with accessing Clinical Training. In doing so it will help get you on track to strive for your career goals. It’s a must read for any aspiring psychologist.

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