The 'Feel Better' Academy £249 

Includes A Wonderful FREE Bonus!


What is the 'Feel Better Academy?'

It's an evidence-based stabilisation course to help you to learn tips and strategies to understand yourself better.

If you follow my guidance and my friendly and engaging approach you will be well on the way to feeling better. 


Who is it for?

It was designed specifically with adults who experienced challenging / traumatic childhoods. This is often called 'Developmental trauma.' I'm a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in this area of work. People often find that they feel like they are on 'high alert', that they experience anxiety and / or depression and that they feel like they are broken or not good enough. The Feel Better Academy is perfect for people who feel this way regardless of what caused it. It might be that you experienced trauma in your childhood or in your adult or that you don't really feel that you experienced trauma as such but if you have these symptoms then I would say that this course will be a great fit for you!

My Child Has Trauma - Can They Use it? 

I would recommend that you buy the course and watch it yourself. I would then suggest that it is more appropriate for you to then use the content from the course to inform your parenting from a trauma-informed and compassionate perspective. This is often the most appropriate way to work with young children. If you have an older teenager you might like to watch the course first and then go through it with them but this is your choice. 


I'm a Health / Social Care / Education Professional working with trauma - Will it be Useful for Me?

Absolutely. A number of Mental Health Staff and Social Care Staff have been through the course and found it incredibly helpful and insightful for them in helping them become more trauma informed.  If you have any questions about joining the course or you're an organisation looking to upskill your staff to become more trauma informed then the Feel Better Academy is an incredibly useful and cost effective way to do this at just £249 per delegate. 


What Do I Get for my £249?

You will get access to my pre-recorded 'Feel Better Academy'. It won't feel like a pre-record though.  It's not boring or stuffy.  It's just like face to face therapy except you can stop it, start it and replay it whenever you like or whenever you need a booster. 

It's all of the stabilisation tips and strategies that I use with people in my face to face work. Having uploaded it in an online course allows me to offer this to you at a vastly reduced cost than my face to face work. The content in the course covers the first 7 - 10 session of 1:1 therapy. This means that The 'Feel Better Academy' offers you up to £1200 worth of content for just £249! You can choose to pay in 1, 2, 3 or 4 payments too!


All paying members of the Feel Better Academy also get a wonderful FREE BONUS! It's a year of access to me! A qualified Clinical Psychologist throwing herself in for free. Once a week you'll be sent an email letting you know that the 'Ask Me Anything is Open!' This is your chance to ask me about any of the content in the Academy or anything else parenting or mental health related. Then, once a week I will host a LIVE zoom (my camera will be on but yours won't be). In the zoom I'll answer the questions I have received that week and that chat function will be on if you have any additional comments or questions. All members will be sent the replay link and be able to catch up on it for a week. 

















What Will I Learn?

We will cover: 

  • Soothing & Calming Strategies

  • Education About Why We get Distressed

  • The 'Our Tricky Brain' kit which is exclusive to Good Thinking Psychological Services.

  • Techniques to reduce your self-criticism.

  • Techniques to increase your self-compassion.

  • Strategies to help improve your sleep.

All content is split across 7 modules.

You can stop and start and replay as much as you like. 

It's an incredibly validating and normalising approach and I am excited about you getting started with it and starting your journey to 'Feel Better!' 

Are There Any Reviews? 

Yes indeed! Please see Below! 









Will The Course Expire? 

No, it is my plan that you can continue to access The 'Feel Better' Academy for as long as you'd find it helpful.



The 'Feel Better' Academy has been exclusively created and delivered by Dr Marianne Trent. You can only buy it here and I don't make courses for anyone else. 

Ownership & Distribution

Buying access to the ‘Feel Better’ Academy gives you the ability to access the content from the course hosting software. All slides and videos and content remain the intellectual property of Dr Marianne Trent. You do not have the right to lend your log in details to anyone else who does not live in your immediate household. You must not record or upload or otherwise share or distribute any of the content with others.



Dr Marianne Trent and Good Thinking Psychological Services (the company) and those working for the company cannot offer an emergency service for people who pose a risk to themselves or others. If you think you might harm yourself or others you should go to Accident & Emergency and / or call the police.  Dr Marianne Trent and the company can accept no responsibility for the wellbeing of people undertaking The Feel Better Academy which is a distant learning pre-record course. You can however, remain confident that Marianne is a qualified Clinical Psychologist and as such only recommends evidence-based, effective tips and techniques which she uses within the NHS and within her private practice work with clients. 



By purchasing the 'Feel Better' Academy you are consenting to these terms and conditions.


You can choose to pay in one payment of £249, 2 payments of £124.50, 3 payments of £83 or 4 payments of £62.25. 


If you have any questions about The 'Feel Better' Academy please do get in touch and we'd be happy to help. Thanks 

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