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Well Hi There!

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I'm Marianne and It's lovely to meet you!

I'm a summer baby and when I was 15 I had to choose my A Level options hoping I'd do well enough in my GCSEs for my choices to matter! Little did my teenaged self know just how important that Psychology A Level would become to me in paving the way for this glorious career that I now help guide people through. ​ 

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Building Upon My Psychology Foundations

When I first went to university it was actually to study Forensic Science! It only took a couple of days for me to realise I hated the course and within a week I had switched to Psychology! 

After that I just didn't look back! I had a great time with my course mates and housemates and even made it to lectures and workshops most of the time too! 

I firmly believe that the things I learned at A Level and Degree are the foundations I draw upon today in my work with people. 

Having Fun Along The Way!

In all of the work I do with people I advocate for there needing to be joy in our lives. This is regardless of what stage of life or career we are in. There must always be joy.


This is something I also knew was important when I was aspiring psychologist too.  

Over the years I have gained joy from Pilates, partying with my friends, swinging about in a hammock in Thailand, swimming with dolphins in New Zealand, visiting the Taj Mahal at sunrise and so much more! 

We can't be focused upon an end goal resulting in our happiness - we must be enjoying our life right now. 

I also firmly believe it will make the end goal come more easily too!  

I aim to introduce some joy and compassion into all of the work I do with burgeoning psychologists. 

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Getting Trained

In 2008 I was in the very lovely position of being offered two places on doctoral training courses. I got to choose which one to go for which felt just incredible. 

I never regretted my decision even for a moment. On the whole I really enjoyed my course. I made friends, memories and a career to last a lifetime. 

Growing & Changing

Being qualified, working 5 days a week EVERY week AND having clinical responsibility took a bit of getting used to! But the absence of assignment deadlines and the sense of no longer being assessed every step of the way was wonderful! 

The year after I graduated I married the man I had met in the first week of my second year. We had met one night in the kind of club your feet stick to the floor in. Our wedding was the most joyful day and of course having married a musician it was also a wicked party our friends still talk about! 

We welcomed our first child the following year and our second almost 3 years later.


Sadly just 18 months later I was saying goodbye to my Dad who had been unwell for a couple of years. 


With hindsight I would say I have learned so much about being a Psychologist from being a wife, a mother and a bereaved daughter.  Life happens along the way to becoming and maintaining our identity as a Psychologist. I pledge to help you celebrate your highs and to cope with the lows.  

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Stepping Into My

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I adored the connections I made when I was an Aspiring Psychologist. In my work supporting the next generation I love nurturing and supporting people to compassionately step into their zone of genius. 

It feels like such a privilege to be part of your story and to be trusted to support you. I can help in a number of different ways including: The Aspiring Psychologist Podcast, My Free Q&A Sessions, The Clinical Psychologist Collective Book & The Aspiring Psychologist Membership. 

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The Values I Live & Work By



I will always offer a variety of options to suit your budget and your needs.
I will always create a range of FREE content





I'll help guide you through common paths and processes whilst encouraging you to lean into your unique skills and talents. 


I will always be human and strive to create content in a way which resonates with you and demonstrates my skills and expertise in the field. 


Compassion is at the centre of everything I do.

I want you to stay kind to yourself and be supported by the best people to optimally support your development. 

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