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FREE 5 day course reveals how adult survivors of childhood trauma can start to feel happier, calmer, and have more self-compassion by implementing my proven system

Join the FREE 5 Day Course and start to learn techniques to help you feel more stable and to cope better for longer.


2020 was a challenging year let's start to Feel Better in 2021!

I will teach you daily strategies to help you cope. 

I will be on hand to offer you support with the strategies via the Group.

I will be available to answer your questions LIVE each evening of the Course.

We ran a successful course in December 2020, another in February 2021 and the participants found it really beneficial. 


Course starts on Monday 19th of April 2021!

Is it for Me?


Join the FREE 5 Day Course if you:


Experienced neglect / abuse / violence

Struggle to Feel Safe

Feel Like You're on Edge 

Feel Anxious

Feel Low In Mood

Tend to be self-critical


I'm not scary and our free course will not be triggering. It will help you. Here's what some other peope said about the last challenge: 

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  • You will learn how to understand why experiencing trauma has affected you in this way.

  • You will learn how to begin to self regulate.

  • You will begin to learn to better tolerate distress. 


  • You will learn how to start soothing yourself.  


  • You will learn how to start being your own best friend instead of your harshest critic.   

The FREE 5 Day Course is with:

Dr Marianne Trent,

Clinical Psychologist, Author of The Grief Collective & Creator of the 'Our Tricky Brain' kit

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