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The 'Our Tricky Brain' Psychoeducation Kit £90 + p&p

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What is this Kit?

The 'Our Tricky Brain' Psychoeducation kit is the perfect way to help explain trauma, depression and anxiety to clients. It is rooted in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) theory and gets great results for clients. Who is it For? This kit was designed for use by health professionals and those in education in their client work.


Who Can it be Used With?

I designed the kit to be suitable for use with adults and children. It's an incredibly powerful resource for using to explain developmental trauma, depression and anxiety. It's great for working directly with clients but also perfect for using to explain trauma / depression to carers and family members too. This kit has been designed for use in mental health settings, for people in education, social work, physical health, justice services and a whole host of other settings too! Flexibility & Adaptability The kit has been so that individual clinicians and staff working with people can decide which bits to use and bend it and flex it to their needs. For example, there are no pre-defined spaces for the words so if you were working with a very young child and decided to miss out the ‘reproduction’ tile from the reptile section for example you could; because there would be no blank spaces. Similarly, whilst 4-chambered hearts is really useful for those who can understand the concept of heart rate variability you may not choose to use that one for someone very young.


What Do Clients Think to it?

Being able to physically engage with the pieces can really help them feel connected to the process. It helps decrease feelings of guilt and shame and to appreciate that their feelings and actions are not / were not their fault. It's also a real talking point. All of the feedback we have received so far has been positive. Remote Therapy & In-person This kit doesn't just work well in person it has also been getting great results via online therapy. It just seems to resonate so well with people that they can really hold onto the ideas and recall the theory within their everyday lives.










Contents of Each Kit:

1 x Printed Fabric Mat

1 x Red, Reptile Brain Shape

1 x Blue, Mammal Brain Shape

1 x Green, Human Brain Shape

10 x Red Reptile Brain Function Words

8 x Blue Mammal Brain Function Words

9 x Green Human Brain Function Words

1 x Printed Fabric Bag

1 x Information / Instruction Manual



This product was designed and created by Dr Marianne Trent of Good Thinking Services and is not available anywhere else.








Postage & Packing

Postage and Packing is charged at an additional £7.12 for mainland U.K tracked, insured delivery. EIRE tracked signed delivery is £15.10. There are also postage options available for France, Spain, Italy, Australia & U.S.A. If you need shipping to a different country please contact us before ordering so we can arrange a quote. 

How To Pay

The Good Thinking Psychological Services Check out accepts payments made via 'Stripe' or 'PayPal'. 


Purchasing Multiple Units

If you would like to purchase more than one kit at the same time for delivery to the same address please contact me so I can provide you with a postage quote.


Any Questions?

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact me pages or via social media.

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Tricky Brain Brain.jpg
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