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Testimonials & Feedback


Here's a few of the comments I have received about my work. 

I'd be grateful if you could spare 2 minutes of your time to send me your own feedback using the form below or via audio or video format by clicking here. 

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

Psychology Client

Marianne is the first professional I have ever felt comfortable and not judged talking to.  I know working with her is helping to change my life.  She was born to do this job and I am lucky to be under her care.

Image by Martin Sanchez

Assistant Psychologist

Marianne is exceptionally kind, caring & compassionate. She is incredibly easy to warm to and connect with.  I've found supervision sessions with her to be brilliant.  She's really helped to become more confident and to develop my skills as an aspiring Clinical Psychologist.

Image by David Brooke Martin

Psychology Client

Fantastic help from Good Thinking for my children.  I've had great information and help from them, I thoroughly recommend.

Image by Tom Pumford

Psychology Client

After many years of suffering with anxiety and depression I decided to take the brave step of seeking professional help. I was so very fortunate to meet Marianne who I can honestly say has changed my life. Marianne has the gift of making you feel relaxed and does not prejudge in any way. Working together we were able to put things into perspective for me and to deal with life's Ups and Downs. I now have a much more rewarding and enjoyable life thanks to Marianne and my only regret was not doing it sooner and suffering in silence. If you are fortunate enough to meet and work with Marianne she will leave a lasting impression on you, a truly wonderful lady. Thank You

Image by Peter Lewicki

Corporate Writing Client

As founder of Aqua Sensory, we often work with experts in their fields. Marianne was the perfect choice, to help collaborate with us to translate complicated theories into easy language for aquatic professionals on a research paper called ‘The Psychology of Baby Swimming.’

Working with Marianne has been such a great professional experience, she writes with passion and authenticity, from her own gentle parenting wisdom.

Thank you, we are looking forward to working together on our next project for our swim parents.

Image by Florian Klauer

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Marianne writes in the same way that she speaks; & she injects the same amount of passion into her articles as she shows in her work.

Her writing demonstrates both her warmth as a person & her knowledge as a Clinical Psychologist. She also writes with great compassion: in my view, because she wants her readers to be able to identify & feel compassion towards themselves and, ultimately, to be able to nurture their own self-compassion.  Similarly, she places great importance on the ability to offer validation & encouragement to develop our ability to self validate.

Throughout her written pieces, she gives her readers excellent examples of how our brains work, in language we can all relate to, in order to facilitate greater understanding of our behaviour.

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