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Welcome along to the trailer for The Aspiring Psychologist Podcast with Dr Marianne Trent. Your time is precious so thanks for stopping by. We are keeping it short and sweet on this introductory run through of what to expect when you tune in.

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Supervision is essential to psychologists. Here's how to optimise your supervision and your supervisory relationships. Click the image below to tune in. 

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Discovering and utilising the practice of self-compassion will make being an aspiring psychologist - and even a qualified psychologist an all round nicer experience for you and those around you too! Here's how to welcome it into your life!

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Exciting! Here's the first episode of The Aspiring psychologist Podcast! This one is all about making the most if your experience which might not feel that 'relevant!' I hope you enjoy it!  Click the picture below to Listen. 

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Life being life has significant and key events. Many of which might crop up on your journey as an aspiring psychologist. Here's how to navigate key events all in a tidy podcast episode. 

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Teaching, training and consultation can be core skills for an aspiring psychologist. I will be talking about how you can create opportunities for these and also make the most of the ones around you.

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Running assessment and history taking sessions in a way which feels non-invasive can be a tricky skill to master. 

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Episode 8: Coming Soon!

Coming on Monday 31/01/2022!

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Episode 10: Coming Soon!

Coming on 14/2/2022!

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Episode 7: Coming Soon!

Coming on Monday 24/01/2022!

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Episode 9: Coming Soon!

Coming on Monday 7/02/2022!

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Episode 11: Coming Soon!

Coming on 21/02/2022!

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