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10,000 thank yous from Dr Marianne Trent

I have a very real time exciting announcement. I was just doing my clinical notes from this morning, and I thought I'd just have a little look at the podcast. Because when I was getting ready for my clinic this morning, I noticed that we were fast approaching quite an exciting milestone with the download numbers. And so I was keeping a keen eye on it, and I am delighted to announce that as of right now, we are at 10,012 downloads of The Aspiring Psychologist podcast since it was launched just over six months ago. So it was the 24th of December 2021, Christmas Eve, that we launched. And since then 10,000 episodes have been listened to. So I am so, so, so pleased and so proud that you are really enjoying it, you know, you're finding it useful and you keep coming back for more.

I would love to know what your favourite episode so far has been. I'd also really like to know what you might like to talk about. and, oh, this is nice. We are currently at episode 31, so we've had 10,000 downloads across those 31 episodes, but it's just, you know, it's been a lovely, lovely, lovely project to, to spearhead really, you know, it’s my baby. And it's really, really lovely that people are finding it so useful and saying such wonderful things about it. You know, it's just really, really nice, and it's nice to be able to give back to the psychology community and to give quality advice, guidance, support, and compassion, absolutely free as well.

People have been finding ways of getting it to fit in their lives. So people are going running with me in their ears. I think the jingles help they are, you know, eating lunch, listening to it. They are working, they are cooking. They're running at the gym on the treadmill or out in the countryside or along the road. I love knowing how people are fitting this into their lives. And you know, there's one lady I know who does it in between reps, you know, a pumping iron at

The gym.

I'm just really pleased. You know, that 10,000 times people have said, yes, it's quite emotional for me!

You know, to say yes, once you know, is, is one thing. But for all of the separate downloads, this means that we are getting repeat, repeat, repeat listeners and people really looking forward to the new episode, dropping at 6:00 AM every Monday into their podcast library. And there's other ways you can listen as well. You can listen and, or watch on YouTube as well at Good thinking psychological services. And you know, I'm also when I'm organised enough, there are blog posts where you can read the content as well.

If you are a reader not a listener and you can find those on And I would say that there are currently about five blogs out of 31, but I'm getting there. And this week's 31 is definitely on there, cos I did that this morning. But yeah, we're getting there with the other ones. So bear with me. If you are a reader, not a listener, it's coming, keep an eye on the blog or keep an eye on my socials!

Tag me on socials with your favourite episode, tell your friends, tag your friends in socials. Every Monday on Instagram we always have stories and links to the brand new podcast episode. So come on by, you know, get involved and tell other people why you like it. Let's not keep the good stuff just to ourselves, even though it can feel tempting to do just that. I have to go and get my children, but wanted to say 10,000 thank yous to everyone who has clicked YES…... Who has clicked…..Yes…..I would like to listen to the next episode of that!

Thanks very much. Please do like, and if you are one of my listeners and you do enjoy it, please do go along to the apple podcast app and go to the show and then scroll down a little bit until you see the review and rate section ratings take you like three seconds. And a review will take you about a minute and I'd be super grateful if you did do that because it helps us let other people know that people are really enjoying the content. So thank you so much for your time. In reading this and in listening to me all of the 10,000 times that that people have. So yeah, I bet my children can't believe that 10,000 people listen to me cos they don't listen to me! But yes. Thank you. And I look forward to continuing to be part of your world and have you be part of mine. So thank you so much!

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