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Navigating the Journey to Mental Wellbeing: A Conversation on Finding the Right Therapist

This article has been adapted from episode 108 of The Aspiring psychologist Podcast. If you prefer you can listen here or watch here. 

Introduction: In this collaborative episode of the Aspiring Psychologist podcast, Dr. Marianne Trent, qualified clinical psychologist, and Dr. Tara Quinn-Cirillo from the Adversity Psychologist podcast delve deep into the crucial reasons why working with a qualified therapist can be a transformative experience. This insightful conversation provides valuable insights into the impact a skilled therapist can have on your journey to mental wellbeing.

The Importance of Finding a Qualified Therapist: The hosts emphasise the significance of finding the right therapist, whether you are navigating personal challenges, seeking growth, or simply aiming for a happier, healthier you. The discussion highlights the potential life-changing impact of therapy and encourages listeners to stay tuned for insights that could shape their perspectives.

Collaboration and Background: The episode marks a special collaboration between Dr. Marianne Trent and Dr. Tara Quinn-Cirillo, who first met on the podcast in August 2022 to address the challenges of ensuring therapists are appropriately qualified. The hosts share their excitement about their joint project, a book titled "Talking Heads: Your Guide to Finding a Qualified Therapist in the UK."

The Purpose of "Talking Heads": Dr. Trent and Dr. Quinn-Cirillo discuss the motivation behind writing the book, aiming to provide information on how talking therapists operate in the UK. The book is designed to help individuals make informed choices, navigate the complexities of finding a therapist, and ensure they are receiving safe and effective support.

Challenges in Finding a Therapist: The hosts acknowledge the difficulties individuals face in finding a therapist, especially with the abundance of options and the interchangeable nature of terms in the field. They stress the importance of addressing these challenges to make the journey to mental wellbeing easier and safer for everyone.

Therapist Fit and Safety: Dr. Quinn-Cirillo emphasises the concept of "therapist fit" on two levels – the fit between the individual and the therapist and the safety aspect. The hosts discuss the importance of ensuring that therapists use robust models, are qualified, and can be verified through appropriate channels.

Book Launch and Availability: The hosts reveal the title of their book, "Talking Heads," and express their hopes that it becomes a valuable resource for individuals, professionals, and anyone involved in mental health conversations. They highlight the accessibility of the book on Amazon and envision it as a tool to facilitate discussions about mental health.

Compassionate Conversations in 2024: As the episode concludes, Dr. Trent and Dr. Quinn-Cirillo share their wishes for 2024. They emphasise the importance of compassion, self-awareness, and meaningful conversations, encouraging people to check in on each other and prioritise mental health.

Closing Thoughts: The hosts express their gratitude for the collaboration, share their admiration for each other's work, and look forward to the positive impact of their joint efforts in the coming year. The episode wraps up with a reminder to stay tuned for more engaging content and to take care of one's mental health journey.

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