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Life events happen before, during and after DClinPsy Training

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

by Dr Marianne Trent, Clinical Psychologist

14 years ago, it was 2007 and I had just been involved in a car crash which left me needing osteopathy, needing to find a new car and with a bit of jumpiness around traffic waiting to cut across carriageways in Milton Keynes!

13 years ago, today was my first ever day as a Trainee Clinical Psychologist. I was meeting my cohort for the first time and trying to figure out exactly what the next 3 years might involve. I'll be honest, I was also wondering which one of these 14 other people was going to be 'my people!'

12 years ago today, I was in my first week of my 2nd year as a Trainee. I was doing my teaching block and enjoying hanging out with my cohort everyday. I had also just given a guy who owned a lovely pair of blue eyes my number and was waiting for his call......

9 years ago, today was my wedding day to the man with the blue eyes who did eventually text me 6 days after we met! (Not cool Trent!)

Life events happen and we have to be able to roll with the changes. They will happen before, during and after important phases and stages in our life.

It's something that many of the psychologists in The Clinical Psychologist Collective talk about a lot too.

If you'd like to read how they weathered the storm and came out the other side, then do check out the book at: If you've read the book you can also leave a review at the same link and I'd be super grateful if you felt able to.


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