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Using our voices for good as mental health professionals

by Dr Marianne Trent of Good Thinking Psychological Services

Let’s talk about being a mental health professional and using our voice for good. Of course, it won't be any surprise to probably any of you that for people trained to work with people in mental health, that we often do lots of one-to-one work, and that hopefully, the stuff we say with our voices is good stuff and gets good results for people to help them feel better. In an ideal world we also help improve their functioning and reduce their risk to themselves, and generally improve their wellbeing too.

It is what we are in the business for, to alleviate distress and alleviate suffering, and I am absolutely on board with that. But of course, when we're doing one-to-one work, it means that the benefit of that work is only within that individual relationship between you and your client. And then of course, sometimes it's really lovely when your client starts to teach some of the stuff to other people as well. So if they start to notice that someone they are with is emotionally or physically unregulated, they might teach them some breathing or soothing or tell them it's okay, and be compassionate. And it's really lovely when that starts to happen. But of course, even then our work is more limited to smaller circles.

And what's really wonderful is when we are able to take our message, use our voice to spread our knowledge far and wide, to help as many people as possible in a really accessible way that means that you can help meet people at the price point that they are at right now. Because of course, people cannot always afford private therapy, and access to public services can be lengthy, which might put people off too.

So the benefit as a mental health professional, or for that matter any professional, to doing different pieces of work, to be able to engage others with their budget, wherever they're at right now, and to be able to use our voice to serve more people is that it's really incredible! And this is what my next paid masterclass is all about. It's how to use what you do in a way that is good for you and is good for all of the people that you serve. And it's how to also make you extra money. It’s win: win!

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