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What makes me so special and why do I support Aspiring Psychologists?

by Dr Marianne Trent

So, I was asked to answer the question, you know, what makes you special or unique Dr Marianne Trent? Why you, why do you do what you do and why should people consider listening to you or consider working with you?

So, I thought that was a really good question for me to be able to answer!

So, what makes me unique in the field that I work in is I am a qualified clinical psychologist and I am supporting aspiring psychologists to basically do what I do now to pursue their dreams, to go on, to become a professional psychologist.

And there are many twists and turns along the way to becoming a qualified psychologist. And I figure, you know, what makes me special in coaching, supporting, nurturing and guiding, aspiring psychologists is that I have, been there and I have done that, and I do now wear the t-shirt. But also, more than that, I have always really enjoyed nurturing more junior members, of the team. So when I worked in the NHS, I always made time for trainees. I loved having them shadow me. I loved chatting with them about the way they saw the world. I don't want everybody to be a carbon copy of me. I want everybody to be the best that they can be and to bring what they've got, but to feel confident and empowered and to be shining their brilliance and their light. But doing it with the right backing, the right theory, the right practice of being able to integrate their theory and their practice and getting more confident with raising their hand, raising their voice, holding their head high and being who they are and being their genuine self. But in a way that also really benefits, the people that they work with. And I have spent the last couple of years really upping my game on making sure that I practice what I preach. I give loads and loads of free content so that people can see hopefully that I am reasonable at my job!

I demonstrate my worth and offer my services through the Q&A sessions I do at interview and, application season for professional psychology. And I've also been running the aspiring psychologist podcast, for almost the last six months. And that's taken a lot of dedication, a lot of commitment, a lot of showing up, but I've also really, really enjoyed it. And people have told me, they found that find that really useful, and that they really look forward to listening to that when the new episodes drop on a Monday and I've got the, what is the clinical psychologist collective book, which will be celebrating its first birthday on the 1st of September. And then shortly thereafter, there will be a fraternal sibling! There will be a new baby on the block from hopefully the start of October, which will be the, the aspiring psychologist collective. And both of those books are just filled with hope and wisdom and brilliance, you know, stories from real people who have either pursued, professional psychology qualifications or are on the journey to doing it.

And again, the clinical psychologist collective gets wonderful reviews. People find it really, really useful at all stages of their career.

So, what makes me unique is that I know how lonely making it can feel and how discombobulating it can feel as well, to even wonder if you are pointing yourself in the right direction, let alone whether you are ever going to get there. So I was getting lots of, people reaching out to me, asking for mentoring and with the best will in the world, I can't do one to one mentoring for free for everybody. And so I started a low cost membership called the aspiring psychologist membership. And within that group, you get me, but you also get my collection and selection of handpicked experts to help advance your confidence, develop your skills. We've got a research expert, who's going to be joining us very soon.

I'm hopeful that we've got a CBT expert joining us as well. So all of the stuff that you really need to be able to demonstrate for progressing your career in, um, professional psychology, um, if you wanna be clinical psychology, it's ideal, um, is on offer for you within the membership. And even people who have gained places on clinical training this year have decided that they like it so much. And they see that it's so useful that they're gonna stick around so that I can continue to support them through their trainee years. And I think that really is pretty humbling. You know, they like what we do so much that the idea of navigating this next step of their journey without, um, me helping support and guide and nurture them feels not that appealing. So, I'm really delighted that we will be having, trainee psychologists within the membership from September onwards.

And if you feel like, you know, you like my content, you like what I've got to offer, and you'd like to come on board within the membership, then please do join the waiting list, which you can do by clicking here.

I'm also still a clinician. So I'm also still seeing clients, you know, nine times a week as well. So, I've got clients that I see, and that's really important to me to still be, you know, plying my trade, that, which I am helping support aspiring psychologists to feel more confident in being able to get out there and do so. You know, I can't ever imagine a point where I won't see people clinically because it's, you know, there's something about that unique connection that you get with people. When you are a therapist that is just wonderful, you know, being able to help people to find a reason to want to carry on living, um, or to find new ways to live their lives is just, you know, the best thing in the world.

So if you would like to be part of my world, please do listen to the aspiring psychologist podcast. Please do grab yourself a copy of the clinical psychologist collective book, which you can grab on Amazon or click the link here.

And if you'd like to come on board for the membership, we do have a couple of spaces, available that you could hop into right now, if you want to slip into my DMS, as a couple of people have decided to join training and then, you know, say goodbye. But there are, at least three people who've decided to stay in my world, whilst they continue their trainee psychologist journey. So lucky us! Hope you found this useful. And that is the answer to the question that was posed to me. You know, what makes you so special? What makes you unique?

Hope you find it useful, and I will look forward to catching up with you very soon!

To find out more about Dr Marianne Trent and her work click here.


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