Resources We Recommend*

We are often asked what things we use in our business and what we recommend. 

Here's the Answers!

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Helen Pritchard

The Grand Plan Event 28th - 29th of June 2021

Want to learn how to make an additional £1000 in just 6 weeks? 

Want to hear the advice from a selection of top entrepreneurs including a whole host of millionaire business owners? 

If you're shouting yesss! Then you need to register for Helen Pritchard’s Grand Plan Event. 

Click the Photo Above to get your ticket for this fantastic virtual summit for just £147! You won't regret it. 


The Greatest All in One Platform Ever!

It's probably easier to tell you what you can't do with Kartra in your corner. But Here's What you can: 

  • Online Shop / Checkouts

  • Website Pages & Forms

  • Online Course Hosting & Creation

  • Mailing List & Client Databases

  • Funnels & Campaigns

  • Memberships

  • Videos

  • Helpdesks

  • Forms

  • Affiliates

For More information and to start your free trial click the Kartra Logo Above. 

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Phil Harrison 

Learn How To Run Your Own Free 5 Day Challenges!

Free 5 Day Challenges are a wonderful way to get your Ideal Client into your world, seeing the benefit of what you offer and with any luck being super keen to work with you by the end of the week! 

5 Day Challenges get great conversions (which is sales speak for results!) 

Sign up for Phil's next 5 free 5 day challenge to learn tips and tricks from the expert all for free! 


To reserve your free space for Phil's next challenge click on his image above. 

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Silk Sleep Masks

Perfect for Better Sleep!

These Black Silk Eye Masks are super soft and comfortable.  When used as part of a good routine they can lead to better quality and longer sleep duration.


They come highly recommended as Dr Marianne Sleeps in one for every nap and sleep! Click the photo to grab yours!

There's a Rainbow Baby in my Mummy's Tummy

Children's Book by Dr Kara Davey

A wonderful book for children who are expecting another sibling when they have already lost a previous sibling to late miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death. 

Written by a Clinical Psychologist. 

Also includes a wonderfully helpful Q&A section to support grown ups too.  

For more information click the picture above.  

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The Lasting Connection

Compassionate Couples Therapeutic Book By Dr Michaela Thomas

A love that lasts is all about choosing to stay connected.

Struggling with your relationship is normal. Many of us lash out at our partner, we blame them when things go wrong, and we fear rejection, criticism and failure. So how do you get back the kindness and connection that once made you both so close?

In The Lasting Connection, clinical psychologist and couples therapist Michaela Thomas explains her Pause-Purpose-Play method for strengthening the connection between couples through brain science, mindfulness, compassion, values and playfulness.


For more info click the image above. 

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Uno Card Game

Great Family Fun!

Dr Marianne and her family love this game! No joke they usually play it each evening before the kids go to bed! 

It's great fun - they love the Harry Potter version but all Uno varieties are the same.


Teaches great strategy and concentration and it's actually great fun being beaten at a card game by a 7 year old so it's great for children's developing sense of mastery and achievement with no need for parents to 'let them win!'

Highly Recommended,

To Buy or for more info click the link above.  

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* We here at GTPS genuinely love and use the products and services listed on this page. We only promote things we have experience of and confidence in. However, Dr Marianne Trent is an affiliate for Amazon and for the other businesses listed here. The price you pay as the buyer is the same as buying direct but Marianne is paid a percentage fee as a commission payment for each sale she generates.

Any Affiliate Payments received by Dr Marianne Trent for any of these recommended products go towards helping her to make the free content she provides. This includes the free daily trauma / mental health / parenting videos on LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram, the Free 5 day challenges and her media work helping to raise the profile of psychological approaches and theory for grief, trauma and mental health. 

Thank you.