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Perhaps you're here because you'd like to overcome mental health difficulties and finally feel better? 

Or perhaps you're here because you're an aspiring psychologist, like my work on TV / socials or online, or you work in the media?

I'm Dr Marianne Trent and I'm a Clinical Psychologist.  I am a specialist in trauma therapy and therapy for depression, anxiety and related grief. 


I am the host of The Aspiring Psychologist Podcast & membership & short courses & author of 'The Grief Collective', 'The Clinical Psychologist Collective','Talking Heads' & 'The Aspiring Psychologist Collective' books. I also designed and created The 'Our Tricky Brain' Kit which you can buy exclusively here. 

I am also a TV Psychologist having been featured in Channel 5's 2023 series:

'Inheritance Wars: Who Gets the Money?'

I am passionate about having my compassionate and qualified voice in the media. To date I have also been featured live on the BBC News, BBC 5 Live and BBC local stations. I have also written for The Guardian, The Telegraph, Huff Post, The British Psychological Society & More.


I am located in the West Midlands, U.K. but offer remote therapy via zoom across the U.K. and even internationally for some clients. All sessions are remote and conducted via Zoom.

Life matters: Let's make it count!  

Whatever your requirements, I'd love to help support you realise your dreams and achieve your full potential. 

Get in touch and let's make this happen!

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If you love the idea of creating passive or semi-passive assets in your life or business but you're not sure where to begin then you're in for a treat!

There is a free 4 day challenge being run by one of my mentors, Lisa Johnson who has made millions of £'s of passive and semi-passive income over the last 6 years.

Don't worry if you have a busy week planned - it'll only take about 30 mins or so per day and you can do it all on catch up over the week if that works best for you.

For more info and to register click here. 


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