Perhaps you're here because you'd like to overcome mental health difficulties and finally feel better? 

Or perhaps you're here because you're an aspiring psychologist or for me to feature in your media story? 

I'm Dr Marianne Trent and I'm a Clinical Psychologist.  I am a specialist in trauma therapy and therapy for depression and anxiety.  I also offer training, content writing, and supervision.  I designed and created the 'Our Tricky Brain' psychoeducation kit which you can buy exclusively from my site shop. I am the author and editor of 'The Grief Collective: Stories of Life, Loss & Learning to Heal' and 'The Clinical Psychologist Collective: Advice & Guidance for Aspiring Clinical Psychologists' which are both available as an eBook or Paperback.

You Can Join The Grief Collective on Facebook & Instagram too. 

I also host the Aspiring Psychologist Podcast. 

I was interviewed live on the BBC News by Joanna Gosling and have written for The Guardian, The Telegraph, Huff Post & More.


I am located in Coventry, U.K. but offer remote therapy via zoom across the U.K. and even internationally for some clients! Currently all sessions are remote due to COVID-19 restrictions in the therapy room I use. 


I tend to work mainly with adults who have experienced difficult childhoods but not always!  Sometimes, life gets a bit wobbly post 18 and that's ok too. 

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.  I also work with children and young people to help support parenting and improve mental health in young people. 

I am passionate about easing distress in those I work with 1:1 but also through the 'Our Tricky Brain' kit for trauma, my online course, The Feel Better Academy and my book The Grief Collective.   

Life matters: Let's make it count!  

Whatever your requirements, I'd love to help support you realise your dreams and achieve your full potential. 

Get in touch and let's make this happen!

Our Tricky Brain Kit Video

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The 'Earn Extra £1000 without extra 1:1' Masterclass 

The Clinical Psychologist  Collective Book

The Grief Collective Book

The 'Feel Better' Academy Course £497
Stabilisation & Compassion skills for adults who experience depression, shame & anxiety.

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The 'Leveraging Passive Income Webinar'

Learn about Passive income and how to get it working for you and your business. 90 minute Masterclass Replay. 


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