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Brand New!

'The Aspiring Psychologist Collective: Reflective Accounts of Mental Health Professionals on their way to Qualification'

It tells the stories of Assistant Psychologists, PWP's, Psychology graduates and more as they strive to advance their professional careers in psychology.

It's a wonderfully nourishing, interesting and helpful read. 

It is a must read for:

Assistant psychologists
Research assistants
Psychological wellbeing practitioners
CBT therapists
Psychology Students

Other 'relevant experience' roles

To grab your copy, click here.  

Aspiring Psychologist Collective Book Mockup.png

Praise for The Clinical Psychologist Collective Book 

Young Woman


I bought this book after reading the clinical psychologist collective and it was just as helpful and insightful. I’m in the summer break between the second and third year of my psychology degree and the pre-graduation anxiety has really started to build. This book along with the CP collective has been really helpful in shedding light on the DClin application process & more importantly the differences in aspiring psychologists’ journeys. I would highly recommend this book. My mind has been opened to further possibilities and my anxieties have been soothed a little also.

Woman in Field

Kathryn McCormack

I’m currently in my first year of uni studying psychology and I’m only half way through this book but already I have found it incredibly informative and encouraging. It’s great to be able to read the stories and journeys of current practitioners who are in roles I would like to achieve in the future. Definitely recommend.

Image by Rana Sawalha

It's amazing to be able to hear about the journeys of people in a similar position to me, and has given me lots of ideas about what I might like to do after I graduate. It's nice to read people's stories and know that there are others out there who understand what I'm working towards. Thank you to Marianne and all of the amazing contributors

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