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Free Live Demo Reveals How to Use The Our Tricky Brain Psychoeducation Kit By Good Thinking Psychological Services

Join the FREE 'Our Tricky Brain' Kit Demo Session and learn more about compassion-focused therapy and fix yours AND your clients difficulties in using and recalling the CFT theory of The Reptilian, Mammalian & Human Brain concept. 

Live Demo Session Is On Tuesday 3rd November 2020 at 7:30pm GMT

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  • You will get an exclusive LIVE demonstration of the 'Our Tricky Brain' Kit in real time.


  • You will get an understanding of how you can use the 'Our Tricky Brain' kit in 1:1 or remote sessions with clients or teams. 


  • You will get access to our exclusive Facebook group for the 'Our Tricky Brain' demo event.  

Hosted by:

Dr Marianne Trent,

Clinical Psychologist & Creator of the 'Our Tricky Brain' kit

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