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FREE 5 day challenge reveals how adult survivors of childhood trauma can start to feel happier, calmer, and have more self-compassion by implementing my proven system

Join the FREE 5 Day Challenge and start to learn techniques to help you feel more stable and to cope better for longer.


2020 has been a challenging year and Christmas beckons! 

You can start to feel better for free.......before the big 'Ho! Ho! Ho!'

I will teach you daily strategies to help you cope. 

I will be on hand to offer you support with the strategies via the Group.

I will be available to answer your questions LIVE each evening of the Challenge.


Challenge Starts on Monday 7th of December 2020. 

Is it for Me?


Join the FREE 5 Day Challenge if you:


Experienced neglect / abuse / violence

Struggle to Feel Safe

Feel Like You're on Edge 

Feel Anxious

Feel Low In Mood

Tend to be self-critical

  • You will learn how to understand why experiencing trauma has affected you in this way.

  • You will learn how to begin to self regulate.

  • You will begin to learn to better tolerate distress. 


  • You will learn how to start soothing yourself.  


  • You will learn how to start being your own best friend instead of your harshest critic.   

The FREE 5 Day Challenge is with:

Dr Marianne Trent,

Clinical Psychologist, Author of The Grief Collective & Creator of the 'Our Tricky Brain' kit

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