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Dr Marianne Trent, Clinical Psychologist, author and creator of The 'Our Tricky Brain' kit, & The Feel Better Academy in the Media

Communicating the message about the power of Psychology and promoting better mental health for all is what drives us. 

We are spreading that message far and wide. 

If you like what you see, Marianne would be incredibly grateful if you felt able to share and interact with our content. 

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The Grief Collective is a book of 54 stories written by real people who have experienced grief.


It's perfect for people who are grieving and for those wanting to support them.

The Grief Collective: Stories of Life, Loss & Learning to Heal is available as a paperback and eBook now!

Guest Expert

Guest Expert piece in Professor Amy Brown's brilliant new book: "Let's Talk About The First Year of Parenting"

Live TV Interview

Live TV interview with Joanna Gosling for the BBC News.  It was discussing tips and strategies to help parents support their children's return to school post COVID-19 lockdown.

Guest Experts

Piece in The Telegraph Newspaper about how all Lockdown Losses Matter  

Glimmers: What is the New TikTok Mental health trend all about?

Guest Expert

An article for The Independent  which was a reaction piece to the Office for National Statistics Report on depression due to lockdowns in the U.K. 

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Live Interview

Dr Marianne Trent was interviewed live on the Well-being show with Noel Mcdermott.  

Guest Expert

Guest Expert piece for  Grazia Daily. 

It was a piece to support parents at the start of the 1st COVID-19 lockdown.

Guest Expert

Piece in The Telegraph Sun Online and The Scottish Sun about Disappointment & Defeat & Ways to Cope  

Guest Expert

How to Handle Disappointment: be Kind to Yourself and The Players

Guest Blog

We were thrilled when Gill Rapley, author of multiple superb parenting books agreed to write an exclusive Blog Piece for us on leftovers and weaning.

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Viral Social Media Post

10.5 Million views so far!

Heart-warming story of great company values melting people all over the globe!

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The Platinum Articles

Feb 2021: Whole Article:

Compassionately Preparing to Become A Grandparent. 


Dec 2020: A guest expert piece for Platinum Magazine discussing married couples who choose to live separately. 

The Guardian Article

Guardian Article about Financial Stress in young people during lockdown.

Guest Interview

Dr Marianne Trent took part in an interview about Lockdown Life and mental health

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The Daily Mail Article

Lockdown Depression: A Response to the Office for National Statistics Report

The Popsugar Article

Therapist Tips for Letting Go of The Past.

The Huff Post


How To Process Grief Caused By COVID-19 (Even If You Didn't Lose Someone)

The BBC Article

The Rise of Health Anxiety

The Happiful Magazine 

3 Page Article

Why I'm levelling the Score for Trauma Survivors by Revealing My Greatest Shame. 

The Glamour UK Article

Just because lockdown is lifting, doesn't mean you have to be okay!

The At A Loss Article

The Grief Goes On.....


The Memorials of Distinction Article

How to Talk to Children About Death & Dying

The Business of Psychology Podcast

Developing an Online Course

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The Psychology of Case Management Podcast

The Role of Trauma in Case Management

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