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Coping with Trauma personally and professionally with Dr Yvonne waft

This article has been adapted from episode 106 of The Aspiring psychologist Podcast. If you prefer you can listen here or watch here. 

There's so much to unpack in the first half of this podcast episode, where Dr. Marianne Trent interviews Dr. Yvonne Waft, a clinical psychologist and retired Paralympian. Yvonne shares her remarkable journey of becoming a wheelchair user at 19 due to meningitis and septicemia, navigating the challenges of disability, and eventually finding solace and purpose through wheelchair basketball. The podcast delves into Yvonne's experiences as a clinical psychologist, facing ableism in her training, and the complex interplay of being a parent while pursuing her career.

Yvonne highlights the importance of finding one's community and the transformative power of connecting with others who share similar experiences. The interview touches on the evolving landscape of disability rights, discussing how political shifts have impacted the support and inclusivity available for disabled individuals. Yvonne's anecdotes, such as the travel challenges she faced with her daughter and the stark realities revealed during the COVID-19 pandemic, provide a poignant perspective on the ongoing struggles faced by the disabled community.

In the second half of the podcast episode, Dr. Yvonne Waft and Dr. Marianne Trent discuss various aspects related to disability, diversity in the field of psychology, and trauma. Dr. Waft shares insights into her journey as a psychologist, a Paralympian, and an author. She emphasises the need for more diversity in the field of psychology to better represent the populations they aim to help.

They delve into the topic of trauma, discussing Dr. Waft's new book, "Coping with Trauma." Dr. Trent highlights the importance of being trauma-informed as a society and praises the book for its contribution to understanding and addressing trauma. The conversation touches on the challenges and growth associated with trauma, the importance of self-disclosure in therapy, and the concept of post-traumatic growth.

The podcast concludes with Dr. Waft sharing her social media links, business name (Catalyst Clinical Psychology), and details on where to find her new book. Dr. Trent expresses gratitude for the insightful conversation and encourages listeners to reach out with their ideas for future podcast episodes.

If you're interested in Dr. Waft's book click here or want to connect with her, check out the provided social media link or search for Dr. Yvonne Waft.

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