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Help me! I want to apply for the DClinPsy!

Guiding, Advising and Nurturing the Next Generation of Psychologists

by Dr Marianne Trent, Clinical Psychologist

I qualified as a clinical psychologist in 2011. I still recall how tricky it was as a Psychology graduate to even begin to get my feet anywhere near the right rungs of the ladder to even be able to head in the right direction to be able to apply for the Clinical Psychology Doctorate courses with the Clearing House (DClinPsy).

Being around the right people and listening to the right stories can be so important in shaping your narrative and giving you the next opportunity. But what if you don’t know any psychologists or the ones you do know aren’t seeming that useful or that interested in guiding you?

A few days ago, something very exciting arrived at my house. The first copy of my second book in The Collective series, ‘The Clinical Psychologist Collective: Advice & Guidance for Aspiring Clinical Psychologists’, and it does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin!

Described by one reader as “a must-read for aspiring psychologists,” it contains heaps of value and is a unique collection of stories and tips from the journeys of over 600 cumulative years of experience and expertise from trainee and qualified clinical psychologists. It also includes some reflections from counselling, educational, forensic and health psychologists, as well as assistant psychologists and people hoping to carve out a career in psychology and striving for clinical training or the application process for any other psychology doctorate too.

It’s been such an incredible project to put together with my team, and so many hours of work have gone into it. It’s started to get some lovely feedback; it’s certainly a useful resource for anyone studying psychology or looking to expand their horizons or bolster their confidence in applying for doctoral training and accomplishing their psychology career goals.

You can purchase the book now from Amazon, do please share on your socials, tag us when your copy arrives and leave us a great review when you love it!

For more information or to grab your copy of ‘The Clinical Psychologist Collective: Advice & Guidance for Aspiring Clinical Psychologists’ head to


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