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The importance of passion as an aspiring psychologist

This article has been adapted from episode 85 of The Aspiring psychologist Podcast. If you prefer you can listen here or watch here. 

Passion led us here
Passion matters in this career

Introduction: Dr. Marianne Trent, a qualified clinical psychologist, introduces the Marianne's Summer Sound Bites series in the Aspiring Psychologist Podcast. This series aims to explore essential yet concise topics to help aspiring psychologists stay focused during the busier summer months.

Passion Matters: In the first episode, Dr. Trent emphasises the significance of passion in the aspiring psychologist journey. Playing the long game requires a consistent, burning passion. She urges listeners to take annual leave strategically to prevent burnout. Acknowledging the dedication and commitment to improving lives, Dr. Trent applauds the aspiring psychologists for their admirable work.

Embracing the Journey: The second half of the episode delves into the importance of embracing the psychologist journey. Dr. Trent encourages aspiring psychologists to recognize internal shifts and growth, even in small increments. She underscores the necessity of maintaining faith in the journey, despite setbacks. Dr. Trent suggests considering a change, like a new supervisor or job role, if the path doesn't align with one's goals.

Compassionate Q&A Sessions: Dr. Trent shares information about the free compassionate Q&A sessions, providing valuable insights for those navigating the application and interview seasons. Viewers can catch the replays on her YouTube channel and connect with her on various social media platforms.

Conclusion: Dr. Marianne Trent concludes the episode by inviting aspiring psychologists to engage with her in the Aspiring Psychologist Community and consider joining the Aspiring Psychologist membership for further support. The podcast offers expert guidance and care, encouraging listeners to stay focused on their psychology goals for both personal and professional growth. The next episode is scheduled for release on Monday at 6:00 AM. To check out the brand new short courses for aspiring psychologists and mental health professinals by Dr Marianne Trent click here:
To grab your free DcLinPsy guide with all the tips that got me and others on to training click here:


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