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What does success look like in professional psychology?

By Dr Marianne Trent

Success in psychology looks like different things to different people.

It might look like getting your Psychology A Level.

It might look like passing your Psychology Degree.

It might look like completing your Psychology Masters.

It might look like getting your first 'relevant experience' job.

It might look like getting your first clinically relevant role.

It might look like getting your first job working under the direct supervision of a qualified psychologist.

It might look like broadening your skills, experiences and opportunities with new and diverse ways of working.

If you are pursuing a professional qualification then getting offered a place to train in your chosen field, either clinical health, counselling, health, forensic, Occupational or sport & exercise psychology will be such a significant career milestone for you. It will be the accumulation of all of these pieces of the puzzle which have gone before it.

It is success.

And others around you will wish you well.

But those who have also gone through these same hoops will celebrate with you, praise you and also cry with you. Because they get it entirely.

If you have gained a place on training this year I am sending you so much love, celebration and well dones to you!

We also had lots of success with people in the aspiring psychologist membership gaining places too. They felt the support and guidance offered within the membership had been instrumental in helping them achieve their dreams.

For more info on the aspiring psychologist membership check out this link
For more info on the clinical psychologist collective click here.


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