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What we can learn about suffering from scrambled eggs

by Dr Marianne Trent, Clinical Psychologist

Fact: I’m a truly incredible scrambled egg maker.

I add more butter than seems wise & that definitely helps. But my secret weapons are my non-stick pan & silicone whisk. But a while back the handle fell off my whisk.

I blame the husband who doesn’t seem to get the memo that wooden stuff doesn’t like dishwashers! But that’s an aside....

Since the handle fell I off I glued it back on.

But it fell off again.

So I binned the handle.

But I’ve carried on using the whisk without the handle.

It's got a sharp spiky end.

It hurts my hand.

And yet I persist.

I even looked at buying another whisk but couldn’t find one I liked.

And so I suffer.

It hurts.

And tonight whilst making the award winning eggs for our all day breakfast tea I realised.....

Life is not about suffering.
We do not need to suffer.
We don’t deserve to suffer.
We can choose to make changes & to heal & to enjoy our lives free from suffering.

I say it to clients often & yet here I am still suffering for my art.

I choose to suffer no more.

If you’re suffering you don’t need to. You can make changes.

This is about eggs. Great Scrambled eggs matter.

But so do you!

How can you pledge to end the suffering of yourself or someone else you care about?

If you need or want mental health treatment or trauma processing, stabilisation skills or grief support then you can choose to do that and in so doing ease your distress and make a start to end your suffering.

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