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How working smarter not harder allows me to earn money whilst taking leave

by Dr Marianne Trent

This week I am back to work after taking all week off over half term to be with my young children. We didn't do anything particularly wild or adventurous, soft play, cinema, catching up with the in laws and my Mum.

There was also time for reading books, watching Britain's got talent replays and cuddles on the sofa.

And whilst I did all of these things it was possible for me to earn money through my book sales, passive income masterclass replays and my membership fees.

Being able to create passive income stream assets has been transformative for me and has allowed me to take more time with my family.

It has also allowed me to take more time for myself which includes time within my work week to go to personal training sessions.

It can be transformative for you and your business too. Dive in!

To learn more about how you can start to create passive income streams in your business check out my work smarter not harder masterclass replays here.
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