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Learn how to work smarter, not harder!

by Dr Marianne Trent of Good Thinking Psychological Services

I am passionate about providing quality mental health care to people on a variety of budgets. That includes one-to-one time with me, but also includes options for people to be able to access content that I have written, that I have created in courses and short courses, and that I have put out there into the media or blog posts. And all of these are ways of maximising my time, but also trying to help earn myself money too.

So my content meets the needs of the people who are getting involved and benefiting from the service, but it also meets my own needs as well. And it can feel like an uncomfortable topic of conversation when people think, oh, is it really okay to ask money for what I do if I'm not actually doing it one to one with people? And I want to empower you to say to yourself, yes, it is! I want to be able to show you how you can start to earn more money each month through less one to one, or from not offering additional one to one.

And that is the topic of my upcoming masterclass, which is going to be happening on the 31st of January 2022. And so I would really like the chance to spend time with you, helping you think about how you can apply some of these principles and these practices to your day-to-day work, to help you find more time and more confidence, to be able to do these things for yourself and to overcome any barriers that you might have for doing them.

It's okay to earn money. And I want to help empower you to work smarter, not just harder. Especially if you work in mental health, then burnout and stress and overload can be a real deal. And it can mean that then you're off sick. And this is disadvantage for the people that you work with. It's much better for the people who staff our mental health services to also be in robust mental health and to be feeling optimistic and enthusiastic and attuned to their clients that they're working with.

And this is the same for anybody, regardless of which area of work you are working in. If you look at your diary and you're like,

oh, there's just so many people, there's so much to do I don't really want to do this week!

then that's going to leave you with not that much resilience. That's going to leave you feeling a bit squashed and maybe even a little bit resentful, and it might send you through your week on autopilot and that's not good for you, but ultimately it's not the best for your clients either. It's definitely better for you to feel more well rested, for you to feel like you are able to engage fully and to be your optimal, brilliant self in the sessions that you do offer and in the work that you create for people.

That's what this webinar, this masterclass is about. It's about helping you to do your optimal, brilliant, best work with more people to bring you more money. So it serves your needs and it serves other people's needs too. If you think this sounds really interesting, then please check out the link at the bottom of this post and I will look forward to seeing you on the 31st of January! Don't worry if you're not free on the 31st, because you can always watch it on replay and I will look forward to catching up with you then.

For more information or to grab your masterclass place for just £45 click here.


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