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Exploring Adventures and Passive Income Opportunities

by Dr Marianne Trent, Clinical Psychologist and business owner

A photo of Dr Marianne Trent dripping wet from rain at the Taj Mahal
Dr Marianne at the Taj Mahal in India

Do you prefer to take a direct flight or train?

I bet it depends on how much time you have but also what the function of the trip is and who you’re with!

If when I was in India I’d have taken a direct flight from Delhi to Mumbai I’d have missed out on the chance to ride a camel in the Thar dessert to sleep out overnight, travel on a rice boat through the Keralan Backwaters and seeing the Taj Mahal (which was incredible and blew my mind - not like when I saw the Sydney Opera House and was distinctly underwhelmed by the brown armadillo)

When I was in Thailand I’d have missed the incredible experience of travelling on a sleeper train from Bangkok to Chaing Mai, I wouldn’t have got the chance to jump through fire at a full moon party in Kho Phangan or chill out in a hammock and watch the sunrise and sunset in Koh Lanta.

A photo of Dr Marianne Trent enjoying the sunshine as she relaxes on a Turkish Gulet Boat
Dr Marianne on a Turkish Gulet Boat enjoying the sun

When I’ve been travelling I’ve had stacks of time and beautiful company but given the choice between direct or indirect in the uk in 2024 I’d always pick direct if it was an option!

And what about business? Well. I guess the same questions apply, how much time have you got and do you need to figure it out for yourself with a guidebook in hand or want a guide to show you how it’s done? have you got time to make mistakes and waste time?

Like one of my mentors Lisa and her incredible programme One to Many where she guides you through all the steps needed to build your business to put passive or semi passive asset streams into your life and get clients on repeat.

What if the direct option only comes once a year? One to Many won’t be back again until spring 2025! So even if perhaps it doesn’t quite feel like the right time if it’s a choice between direct or indirect, winding with possible mistakes along the way I think I’d go for direct!

If you have any questions about One to Many I’ve done the programme before and would be happy to answer them for you. The cart is only open until 10pm on Monday 11/3/24. There are bonuses when you choose to use my affiliate link to buy too which include a 1:1 hour via zoom to discuss your passive ideas and all 3 of my passive or self employment masterclasses for free.

Let me know in the comments or via DM if you have any questions and I would be happy to help.

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