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Must have new book for Aspiring Psychologists - Competition - The Aspiring Psychologist Collective

by Dr Marianne Trent

This blog post is going live on World Mental Health Day. What does that mean to you? Does it mean anything? Is it just another one of those days? Just an awareness day? To me as a qualified psychologist, a qualified clinical psychologist it's kind of my bread-and-butter day, really. It's what I do every day is think about mental health both my own and also empowering other people. But today is also a very exciting day. It's the 10th of October and today is the day that my brand-new book Baby: The Aspiring Psychologist Collective has been published and is available.

It's a wonderful collection of over 40 real life accounts from aspiring psychologists about their dedication, about you know, working their way through their lives, through their careers, to begin to get on track with accessing their doctoral qualifications in, this world of psychology, which is so incredibly competitive.

As one of our beta reader reviewers has put already:

"It is an absolute brick of a book!"

It really is. It's over 400 pages, you know, it's a big one. It's a big one because it's packed full of brilliant tips, advice and guidance. So yeah, it's, it's a weighty tome. And if you'd like information about how you can get your hands on a copy, either for yourself or for somebody you know and care about who is an aspiring psychologist, then head here.

There's also information about a brilliant competition that is running between now and Halloween, the 31st of October. And that is available to people who have bought a copy of the Clinical Psychologist Collective between the 1st of September and Halloween. But also, the brand-new book, The Aspiring Psychologist Collective. So, it's open and links to both of those books. can enter in a minute. The prize is a one-to-one psychology coaching session with me. If you are an aspiring psychologist, you might well want to use that to think about your own experiences, or if you are applying to the doctorate in clinical psychology, you might well want to use that session to look at your form.

So, the prize session will take place on the first, second, or 3rd of November, just so that we can make sure we've got enough time. If the winner did want to use it for the DClinPsy form, because that is due in in mid-November.

So, the ways you can get an entry into this brilliant competition is by:

Purchasing a copy of the Aspiring Psychologist Collective book, or the Clinical Psychologist Collective book between now and Halloween. And emailing me a unique proof of purchase to That will score you one entry for each book. So, if you've bought both books between the 1st of September and Halloween, you can score two entries if you submit your unique proofs of purchase.

And also if you have read the book and you want to leave a verified purchase review for either book on Amazon once that's published, if you send a proof of that to me also at you can win a bonus entry for both of those both of those book reviews.

And then last but not least, if you are willing to leave me in audio or video video testimonial for either of the books you can get another entry. More information about how to do that is also available on my website. It's on a great platform called Bonjoro and that's how we can quickly harvest your audio or video testimonial.

To check out the brand-new jingle for the book click here.

So yeah, it's an exciting day. This has been about six months or more in the making and it's been a lot of little hard work, sweat few tears. And yeah, the people within the book are really excited for you to read their stories as well. It's really validating and normalising about how tricky it can be on this road to becoming a qualified psychologist. And we are thinking today about World Mental Health Day. Of course, we are, but we're also thinking today in terms of the aspiring Psychologist collective book who is looking after the mental health of the people who are supporting the mental health of the nation.

And I would like to suggest that I'm one of those people I'm helping nourish and nurture and enrich people's lives and make them feel like they're not on their own because it can feel quite lonely making. So yeah, I, I can't wait to see what people think about the book. There's kind of unique themes coming through in the book about self-care, self-compassion, kind of not burning out. It's also got a forward by Dr. Chris Irons, which is really wonderful as well. He writes a lot of compassion focused therapy work too.

Who is looking after the mental health of the people who are looking after the nation's mental health? Because there can be a lot of burnout, in this career of ours. And, I don't want that to happen. I want people to, stay in this incredible profession and to really enjoy it and to get all the, the good stuff you learned and practised out there to support other people to live a better, less distress filled, more fulfilling life is the ideal.

So, for more information about the book and to enter the competition, if you've read or bought the books check out the link.

I can't wait for more reviews to start coming in. If you've got any questions, let me know. Otherwise, thank you so much for your time. Please let anyone know about this book if you think they might find it helpful.


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